Who are you going to marry? it was meant to be.
Who are you going to marry? it was meant to be.
Not a step earlier, not a step too late, everything is just right.

I saw a development of Qian Qian's hair in moments last night.

is a picture of the date on which she and her husband received the license for 19 years. Then she wrote an article to celebrate their second wedding anniversary.

I also sent her a private message to wish her a happy second wedding anniversary, a long love affair and a long life together.

Qianqian suddenly sighed, and she said:

"I'm only 24 years old, but I've been married for two years. I never dreamed of getting married so early. I always felt that I might never meet the right person in my life, and that I would end up alone. "

I said, "what about now? How does it feel to get married? What is the experience of married life? "

she laughed and said, "I don't know how others are doing, but mine is quite happy." He's really good, and he's good to me, too. "

although across the screen, I can feel that Qianqian is really surrounded by happiness and safely loved when she says this sentence.

compared with before, she has been much more cheerful and optimistic in the past two years. Not only has her life become better and better, but she has also become more confident and calm from the inside out.

Qianqian said that it was all thanks to her husband. It was he who changed her, pulled her out of the quagmire and gave her hope for life and love again.

is also God's pity, and the arrangement of fate, so that after experiencing a scarred relationship, she is lucky to meet the person who soothes her scars, makes up for her regrets and brings her warmth.

Mr. MiyazakiHayao said:

"No matter what you have been through and how much you have been hurt, there will always be someone who will make you forgive all the difficulties that life has made on you."

so please believe that you will have your own fate, and in the boundlessness of time, you will also meet the one.

neither earlier nor too late, everything is just right.

you happen to be gentle, and he happens to be mature.

from junior high school to college, Qianqian wept for the same person for ten years.

it was a boy who had been in love with her for ten years, but the other person never really liked her for a moment.

there has always been a topic on Zhihu:

what's the craziest thing you've ever done for the one you like?

Qianqian is very qualified to answer this question.

when she was in junior high school, in order to get closer to this boy, she was admitted to the high school in his city.

in order to have a chance to work with him in the future, when she volunteered for the college entrance examination, she first volunteered at the university in the city where he worked.

in order to love him, she really tried her best and devoted all her courage and strength.

the pursuit of true love is always beset with difficulties. Although true love can meet all difficulties, we can not like a person in the face of all difficulties.

for Qianqian's love and giving, the boys were not moved, but ignored and indifferent.

when he heard from her, he replied when he was in a good mood, but he could not see her if he was in a bad mood.

if she wants to see him, he agrees if he is in a good mood, and if she is in a bad mood, she is not allowed to go there.

he was drunk once and promised to wait for her to graduate. But in her senior year, he suddenly went on a blind date and got engaged to someone else.

those who are favored always have nothing to fear.

after his engagement, Qianqian was decadent for a long time. I washed my face with tears all day, drowsy and dazed.

I dare not hear any news about him, and I will vomit when I see something related to him.

this is love, unless the two love each other, otherwise all efforts are in vain.

if that person doesn't have you in his heart, the more you give as much as you can, the more disgusted you sometimes get.

"there are some feelings in the world that are doomed to stop in the lips and teeth and hide in the years.

if you have to ask why, it's probably just that fate is not enough, and it's not the right time to meet. "

the second year after the end of this fruitless relationship, Qianqian met her current husband.

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all her debts and regrets in the last relationship have been made up and filled in this relationship.

now he will remember her birthday and give her presents on time every year.

still remember her family's birthday, she will specially buy a cake and go home with her to celebrate her brother's birthday.

will take her around to travel and take beautiful pictures of her.

will send her a little surprise, lipstick and bag every three or five times.

will eat with her, get fat with her, and exercise with her to lose weight.

their stories make me once again believe in a point of view:

everything is the best arrangement.

all losses come back in another way.

you can't keep people who don't belong to you, no matter how tightly you hold them.

the person who belongs to you still has it no matter how you miss it in the end.

all this was doomed as early as in the dark.

where do you go to study, travel, work, live, meet who, like, fall in love with, and marry.

fate has long been arranged.

, may you meet your destiny as soon as possible.