Your tone of voice determines your luck.
Your tone of voice determines your luck.
It's really important to learn to speak.

you always meet friends who complain about your life and can't find someone who understands you. The most frequently said sentence is: "I didn't do anything wrong."

and when he said the details, the reason became clear.

for example, when his colleague wore a new dress, others said it was good, and he said, "this brand is not good." As a result, the colleague never paid any attention to him again.

he said he meant that the material of the clothes was not good enough to hurt the skin, not ridicule.

Huang Chih-Chung once said: "nine times out of ten, the troubles in life are caused by interpersonal relationships, and nine times out of ten, problems in interpersonal relationships are due to communication problems."

there are many similar conversations between friends and colleagues, which shows that there is really something wrong with his communication with others.

Ben Jonson said: "language can best expose a person."

the way a person speaks is the true portrayal of his heart. Learning to speak is very important to his life.


people who can talk are popular and have a smooth journey

the reason why Wang Xifeng is able to hold the right of housekeeper in the Jia family is that she has a talking mouth.

I remember that when Lin Daiyu first entered Jia's house, she met with the owners of Jia's family.

some people say that Lin Daiyu looks good, while others say that Lin Daiyu's life is pitiful. You seem to be getting closer to me, but it actually makes Daiyu feel embarrassed and uncomfortable.

Wang Xifeng is different. when she was halfway on the stage, when she saw Lin Daiyu, she said:

"there are really such beautiful people in the world, and I only see them today!" Moreover, unlike the granddaughter of our ancestors, she is unexpectedly the granddaughter of a direct relative. I can't blame the granddaughter who never forgets his mind every day. "

when I read it for the first time, I only thought that Wang Xifeng said this really well, not only praising Lin Daiyu, but also in line with the wishes of her ancestors.

if you read it again, you will find that Phoenix chili is really not easy. This sentence praised the five people present! Not only Lin Daiyu and her ancestors, but also the ladies of Jia's mansion praised them.

how can such eloquence be annoying?

Cai Kangyong wrote in his way of speaking: "to say the right words, it is ourselves who gain the most. The more you can talk, the happier others will be, and the happier they will be, the more they will like you. "

in the Life of yearning, Huang Lei teased Liu Xianhua and asked him, "Dahua, if teacher he and I could only keep one, who would you choose?"

at that time, Liu Xianhua was a very shy boy. He was confused by this question. He thought about it and said, "Mr. Huang, because Mr. Huang can cook, otherwise we will have nothing to eat."

hearing this answer, he Jing and Huang Lei both laughed.

he Jing said: "silly child, when you encounter this problem, you can say that no matter who is gone, it is not a yearning life."

seeing here, I can't help but clap my hands and applaud why I can come up with such an appropriate answer in such a short time. What a profound accomplishment it is.

people who can talk will be popular. Only good popularity can make luck better.

A person who can talk, his career will prosper and his journey will be open.


A person who can talk, a harmonious person and a happy family

there is a couple. The husband has a career and the wife will run the house. However, they are not happy and are angry with each other every day.

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one day, the husband got up and tried to find a new shirt, but he couldn't find it.

he came to the kitchen and asked his wife, who was cooking, where the shirt was.

without looking up, the wife said, "it's right there, you're blind."

the husband went through the cupboard again, but still couldn't find it.

when the wife finished cooking, she saw her husband messing up the wardrobe and shouted, "what a useless waste!"

the husband couldn't help hearing this and accused him: "what are you doing when you put all your clothes over here?" Don't touch my things from now on! "

my wife cried angrily and ran back to her mother's house to complain to her mother.

Mom said, "in the past, your father couldn't do housework, but if he did badly, I scolded him. When he heard it, he jumped up and scolded me. After a while, when I had a physical examination, I found that there was a tumor in my body. The doctor said it was not serious. It was angry."

the wife asked, "then what?"

Mom said: "then I will not quarrel with him, he does housework, I will encourage him, as a result, he does better and better, I am more and more happy, slowly, the tumor disappeared."

after returning home, the wife saw that her husband was also at home and was dejected. it turned out that he had made a lot of mistakes at work because he was in a bad mood.

the wife apologized to her husband, and the husband hurriedly said that what he had done was wrong, and the two men were face to face and suddenly laughed.

later, the wife still did the housework and the husband helped, and that kind of conversation never happened again.

husband and wife under the same roof, if the exit is blaming and complaining, life will only be a mess.

imagine how much energy will be left for work if you fight at home every day.

if you don't have plenty of energy, you can't seize any opportunity, and you'll lose your luck no matter how good it is.

when everything goes wrong, there will be no happiness in life.

Shen Fu said in six stories of a floating Life that he and his wifeThe mantra between them is "dare to" and "offend". They love each other, such as the case of Leong Hung and Meng Guangju. The longer they get, the closer their feelings are, and the happier their life will be.

A talker can turn a family into a strong backing, not an obstacle to success.


if you learn to speak, you will have good luck

No one will become an island. When you are alive, you can't avoid dealing with others.

A person who is open-mouthed and often speaks ill of each other will only make people sick. The luck of a person who is hated is bound to be affected.

and a gentle person who speaks like a spring breeze will let the people who get along with him let his guard down and feel warm. Over time, luck will follow.

therefore, it is really important to learn to speak.

Sanmao said, "I laugh and my noodles are like spring flowers." It must be touching, no matter who he is. "

the same is true of speech.

in future communication, try to say thank you more, turn every imperative sentence into interrogative sentence, and turn all "wrong" into "good".

May we all have witty words and lotus flowers, and become the warmest existence in the crowd.


one book a week, no matter how busy it is, don't forget to recharge it.